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Ideal Client Services

Our Mission is to positively influence lives by positively influencing organizations. We want to help you and your organization because you matter. In light of this mission, we structure our pricing to reflect our commitment to helping create practical and productive change in possibly the most cost efficient manner in any consulting business.

We never want financial cost to be the reason your organization doesn’t partner with us to move your mountains. While the packages below offer ideas and insights into what’s available, we can get extremely creative to make sure you get the consulting you need on any budget. Just because your organization is on a one-man shoestring budget today, doesn’t mean tomorrow you won’t be at the apex of your goals, looking back, and thinking, “Remember when?”

If you’re a medium business, small church, just beginning non-profit, or a sole proprietor acting as CEO, sales force, production, and janitor, don’t let money be the reason why you don’t contact NAC. It’s our mission to positively influence your organization, so that together, others lives are changed for good.

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